You can rest assured that Dream Walker Horses, LLC. is the leading ranch where you can purchase horses, arrange
stabling and care, and also bring horses for training. We are members of the TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horses and
Breeders Exhibitors Association), as well as many other reputable associations as you can see on our website. When it
comes to horse sales, breeding, training, horse shows, and care of horses, we are unbeatable. Our impeccable reputation is
already well-known among many other ranches and associations, and we even boast delighted testimonials from people
who have bought horses from us for their preferred purposes.

The TWHBEA is one of the oldest running associations in Tennessee, established in 1935, and since then has grown to be
an organization of many thousands of members all over the world. The TWHBEA enforces certain policies and standards of
the breeding of walking horses to ensure the purest of bloodlines, and the resultant quality horse that has been a delight to
horse lovers for decades. TWHBEA has a mission to establish an awareness of this beautiful breed of horses all over the
world and the United States, and the strong leadership in the TWHBEA ensures that the thousands of members of this
group comply with the terms and conditions of the breeding of this Tennessee walking horse.

This delightful animal is a ride with a difference. The easy gait of the horse is a lot different than other breeds that will have
you bobbing up and down in the saddle. Have a look at some of the videos of this walking horse on our website, and you
will see exactly what we mean. The Tennessee walking horse has great stamina and is good for trail riding on any terrain,
and afterwards, you will not experience the soreness of your muscles the way you would with other breeds. The lovely
nature and friendliness of this horse is a delight to any owner, and even more so for the inexperienced riders who discover
that it is far easier to ride a horse of this nature than any other. These are just a few of the reasons that the TWHBEA
enforces purity in the breed, and members are regularly visited to ensure that cross breeds with other bloodlines where
these traits may be lost do not occur.

Dream Walker Horses, LLC. is one of the leaders for breeding and selling of these gorgeous animals, and everyone who has
purchased one of these Tennessee walking horses will experience our passion for horses. These horses are well trained
and although you get many that are completely one color, they are also various other colors.  Tennessee Walking Horses
vary in color from solid to tobiano, sabino, roan, multi-patterns, chestnut, white and black... Tennessee walking horses are
beautiful horses with a variety of color to suit everyone's taste.  When you read details of their natures, you will see that they
are all beautiful and friendly animals ready for their new homes. You can certainly purchase your Tennessee walking horse
with confidence from us considering that all of our Tennessee Walking Horses are registered with the TWHBEA.