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Buying a horse is a long term investment. As horse is an expensive investment it is important to know as much as you can before making your purchase. A gaited horse, for sale both online and in local papers, is the widely known as the Cadillac of horses. Out on the trail their movements glide, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. When you ride a gaited horse, you can maintain and control the movements of it, which can help ease or even eliminate the jerking movements which are often associated with horse riding.

What are the different kinds of gaited horses for sale at the moment?

Currently, there are a wide variety of gaited horses for sale. It all depends on where you look for your horses and what function you wish your horse to perform, such as being a trail or show horse. Dream Walker Horses has a range of different horse breeds for sale. All of these horses are broken and gaited. Before purchasing one of the gaited horses for sale on their website, you are encouraged to visit their stables and see the horses for yourself. Each of their different breeds walks with a specific and particular gait.

For example, the Tennessee Walking Horse is a light breed. They are known for their naturally calm and docile temperaments. They perform three distinct walks: the flat walk, the running walk and the canter. Of these, they are most noted for their running walk. Using this gait they can travel up to 20 miles per hour. Whilst they are popularly used as show horses because of their ability to perform flashy moves, they are also excellent horses to take on the trail. These gaited horses are for sale on the Dream Walker Horses website: http://www.dreamwalkerhorses.com

Another popular gaited horse for sale on the Dream Walker Horses website is the Spotted Saddle Horse. They are capable of handling a variety of terrains with ease and come in a range of colors including an exotic and majestic Chrome color. They are capable of a range of gaits from the stepping pace to the foxtrot and single-foot. As a highly comfortable ride when it comes to covering trails one might think that the Spotted Saddle Horse wouldn’t have any other use apart from on the trails. But it is quite common to use a Spotted Saddle Horse not only for recreational trail use but also for shows.

Tell me more about the Dream Walker Horse Ranch.

At the Dream Walker Horse Ranch, they aim to match beautiful horses to equally beautiful people. Their website showcases the wide variety of gaited horse for sale from them as well as many horses that they have matched to owners. Finding the perfect fit between horse and owner is paramount at Dream Walker Horse. For this reason they have a 15 day guarantee on all their horses. Simply return the horse in the same condition in which it was bought and they will exchange it for another horse of the same value!


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