Gaited Horse Saddles and Bridles
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Designed to fit todays gaited horses.
This saddle was made for long hours on the trail.
Built on a 5 year guaranteed fiberglass tree.

Saddle Features:
•Felt Skirts for Extra Padding and Absorbing Moisture
•Neoprene in Skirts
•Brass Plated Rings Including Back Crupper Ring
•Swept Back Pommel Design
•Padded Endurance Style Stirrups
•Soft Padded Leather Seat

Saddle Specs:
•Tree: Rawhide Covered
•Bars: Gaited Horse
•Horn: 2 1/2”
•Cantle: 4”
•Swell: 13 1/2”
•Gullet: 7”
•Rigging: 3-Way Drop D
•Skirt: 26” x 28 1/2”
•Weight: 33 lbs

Available in sizes: 15.5"  16.5"  and 17.5"
Colors: Black or Dark Oil
These saddles are fashioned to give you
horse the freedom of movement and
comfort that he needs with his unique gait.
Our saddles are custom designed for gaited horses.
The saddle fit all breeds of gaited horses.

~Flex Tree

~Special cut rounded skirt for no gait interference.

~Light weight design (25 pounds).

~Comfortable Memory Foam Suede Seat.  To help eliminate
impact from rider to horse and allows for rider comfort for
long hours in the saddle.

~Soft Supple Leather for a broken in leather feel. Shortens
the "break in" period for your saddle, providing a
"ready-to-ride" feel right from the start.

~Endurance Ergo-Balance Stirrups
Designed to place the rider's feet and legs for decreased knee
and ankle fatigue and to promote balanced riding.

Cantle  5"
Gullet Width - 6.5"  
Swell Width is 12"
Length front to back is 25"

Available Colors:

Mahogany/Black Seat (15inch)

Tan/Black Seat (15 inch)
Closeout Price: $750

We want you to be satisfied! We back all things we sell and offer a 2 week (from receipt of item) money back guarantee
(not including shipping fees).  Unused returned items will incur a 20% re-stocking fee.  An unused item will contain no scuffs,
scratches, dirt or horse hair on the underskirt.

If you purchased an item you can exchange the unused item for another of similar value within two weeks of receipt.
An unused item will contain no scuffs, scratches, dirt or horse hair on the underskirt.
Trail Halter/Bridle Combo:
Neoprene Cinch: $30
Sizes: 28, 30, 32 and 34
Items in stock ship within 24-48 hours of order being placed.
Air Flow Shock Absorber
Saddle Pad:
Saddle Pad:
Price: $850
Shipping: $49
Endurance Comfort Gaited Trail Saddle.

Saddle Features:

•Smooth Leather Throughout
•Serpentine Tooled Border
•Padded Extra Soft Smooth Leather Seat
•Neoprene in Skirts for Comfort
•Blevins Style Quick Change Buckles
•Saddle Strings and Snaps for Gear
•Padded Sewn Leather Stirrups
•Extra Dee Rings for Gear

Saddle Specs:
•Swell: 13”
•Gullet: 7”
•Cantle: 3”
•Skirt: 24” x 19”

Available Size: 15.5", 16.5",17.5"
Available Colors: Black & Dark Oil
Price: $850
Shipping: $49
Designed for long hours on the trail,
perfect fit for walking horses.
Super comfortable for horse & rider.

Saddle Features:
•Rawhide Covered Tree
•Hand Carved Floral/Basketweave
•Saddle Strings
•Neoprene in Skirts
•Padded Endurance Stirrups
•Blevins Style Quick Change Buckles
•Smooth Leather Seat
•Back Crupper Ring
•Nylon Reinforced Stirrup Leathers

Saddle Specs
•Bars: Walking Horse
•Horn: 3”
•Cantle: 4”
•Swell: 13”
•Gullet: 8 1/2”
•Rigging: In-Skirt Double D
•Skirt: 26” x 28”
•Weight: 27 lbs

Available in size: 15.5", 16.5", 17.5"
Colors: Black or Dark Oil

Price: $985
Shipping $49

Made in America
Made in America
Made in America
Big Horn Gaited Trail Saddle

Duel Density Memory Foam Seat.

TREE: Fiberglass covered wood tree, with exclusively designed
Gaited Horse Bars.

SWELL: Swept back Swell.

SEAT: 16 Inch grainout with Duel Density Memory Foam Seat

CANTLE: 4 Inch

HORN: 2 1/2" X 2 1/2"



SKIRTS: 16" X 14".

FENDERS: 19" X 8".

RIGGING: Dropped 3 way, Stainless Steel. Note: Dropped
Three-Way Stainless Steel rigging Can be used as 3/4, 7/8, or
full rigging. This rigging offers less bulk underneath the leg area
and allows closer contact.

TRIM: Solid brass hardware with saddle strings. S pattern order.
Wool felt skirt lining offers natural shock absorption, padding,
and moisture absorption.

FINISH: #2 Brown

WEIGHT: Approximately 34 lbs

Price: $1299
Free Shipping

Made in America
The Big Horn Infinity II - Available in 16" seat

Tree: Big Horn flexible tree, with exclusively designed Gaited
Horse bars.

Swells: Feature leg cuts for security.

Cantle: 5"

Seat: 16" Perforated top grain leather seat, Visco–Elastic
Memory Foam Extra Soft Seat Padding.

Horn: 3" x 2 1/2"

Gullet : 6" wide x 8" high

Rigging: Double option rigging: Western, front to rear balanced
ride single tie, or Conventional 7/8 position dropped D, solid

Skirts: 25" x 15". Tunnel skirt, fleece lined.

Fenders: 19" x 8". 2 1/2" leather stirrup leathers with stainless
steel stirrup buckles.

Stirrups: Leather covered Visalia, 6" tread width with Sil–Cush™
padding. Helps prevent knee & ankle fatigue.

Finish: #2 Brown with new border trim.

Trim: Solid brass hardware with latigo tie strings. Back crupper

Weight: 30 lbs

Price: $1399
Free Shipping

Made in America

Tex Tan Gaited Trail Saddle

Seat: 16" or 17" seat

Tree: Equi-tex gaited trail

Horn:  1-3/4" cap x 3" high

Cantle: 4-1/2" tooled Cheyenne roll

Rigging: 3-way in-skirt stainless rig

Finish: Black or pecan with border tooling

Silver: Antique silver trim

Stirrups: 3" tooled bell stirrups

Weight: 24 lbs.s

Price: $1399
Free Shipping

Made in America

Seat: 16" or 17" seat

Tree: Equi-Tex flex tree with Gaited Horse bars in regular or
x-wide tree

Horn:  2-1/2" cap x 3" high

Cantle: 4" Cheyenne roll

Rigging: 3 way stainless rig

Finish: Pecan with floral tooling, air channel skirts, and soft
jockey and fenders

Stirrups: 3" tooled bell stirrups

Weight: 24 lbs.

Price: $1399
Shipping: Free

Made in America